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Open Exchange

    The comprehensive sets of advanced instruments in our laboratories provide a perfect testing and researching platform for universities and research institutes across the country and on an international level in the development of new liquid crystal materials: such institutes include Beijing Seneva, Peking University, Largan Precision Co. from Taiwan, Dongjin Semi Chem from South Korea, etc.

• Researched a topic from a series of studies led by Peking University;

• Development of high-efficiency OLED luminescent materials with Beijing BOE and Xiahe Technology;

• Regularly invite experts in the field to provide lectures and experiences about research and development materials;

• Extensive technical communications and cooperations with Beijing University of Chemical Technology, Northeastern University and Dalian University of Technology;

• Established practice bases with colleges such as Beijing University of Science and Technology, Yanjing Institute of Technology, etc.;

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