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Research & Development

The key research aspects in our laboratories are:
1)Development, properties analysis, and quality control of VA/PSVA-TFT and negative FFS liquid crystal materials .RM monomers with acrylic structures and new-style light stabilizer.Improvement of the quality testing and control system of PSVA liquid crystal mate-rials to ensure the fulfillment of client needs with our products 
2)Continuing the research of new structural monomers and the development of liquid crys-tal materials with high permeability for 4K/8K and negative FFS TV liquid crystal materi-als;
3)Development of liquid crystal materials for vehicle-mounted displays to solve the prob-lems of reliability and low-temperature response time, dichroic and smectic liquid crystals, PDLC films, etc.
4)Increasing the development of OLED intermediates and monomers and further maturing the technology in sublimation.

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