Production Capacity
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  • Synthetic Production Department

    Synthetic production department construction area of about 12000 ㎡, including more than 30 functional laboratory room, 20 large synthetic kettle workshop, 5 hydrogenation and steamed workshop, a variety of more than 180 large reaction kettle inputted in the first phase, can cover all monomer synthesis reaction type, with an annual output of over 250 tons of crude products of single liquid crystal.
    Synthetic production department equipment selected from the domestic and international famous brands, which using the latest technology and design concept and equipment manufacturing process tracked throughout, can fully meet the single liquid crystal synthesis process specification and provide high quality single crystal synthesis and stable quality with good security.

  • Purification Production Departmen

    Purification production department construction area of about 5000 ㎡, includes purification workshop 2000㎡, drying workshop 600㎡ (class 10000 ultraclean room) and class 10000 ultraclean room 2400m2 .The workshop has a variety of over 60 stainless steel kettle, 5 imported short-range molecular distillation, more than 20 vacuum drying boxes, and the annual output of high-quality single liquid crystal can reach more than 200 tons.
    The production process and material flow channel of the purification production department are designed according to the latest concept and introduce the most advanced management plan, which is in line with the international standard in quality safety and efficiency management.

  • Mixed Liquid Crystal Production Department

    Mixed crystal production department has two production lines that the products are all made in the clean workshop,with the production environment from class 100 to class 10000 and production area of 600 ㎡, can satisfy different manufacturers' demand for products at home and abroad, and the annual target of mixed liquid crystal is about 100 tons.